Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stuck in Boort with the Tassie blues...

We are on the way to Tassie, but have suffered a delay of a week-and-a-half because the ferry is booked solid. There is apparently a game of aerial ping-pong (Australian Rules Football) featuring two Melbourne teams on in Tasmania this weekend, so the Melburnian faithful (Aussie Rules is a religion in this state) have booked themselves and their cars en mass for the weekend. Add to that the fact that the company has one of its ferries in dry-dock for repairs, only one sailing per day, and suddenly I'm twiddling my thumbs for over a week. Actually, I'm heading over on the night of 12 August with the trailer, returning on the night of 14th, then heading back on the night of 18th dragging a caravan kindly lent by Sue's sister. God bless her.
Boort is overflowing with activity. Tonight, the high point of the social calendar for the week occurs: $2 pots and free finger food at the pub. So we are off to avail ourselves of this phenomenal opportunity to sample the cultural extravaganza that is Boort on a Friday night. Tomorrow we are driving to Melbourne, about 3 1/2 hours, to buy a chainsaw mill, and to test out the Tom-Tom sat-nav to make sure it will get me to the ferry terminal next week. You may guess that such levels of excitement are a bit overpowering, so I will spend the next few days calming down - actually, there's not much one can do except "calm down" in Boort.

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