Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good news and bad.

First the bad news: Lulu lost all three of her kids. They were all stillborn. The problem was caused by the first, very large, kid having one leg tucked back along its body which was enough to block the birth canal. So the vet removed all three in the back of my car while it was in the parking lot. Lulu is exhausted, understandably, and I am giving her a couple of hours to recuperate before trying to milk her out.
So we are left with 2 out of 7 kids.
Good news: Lulu has survived, so far. Cocoa's leg seems ok now, according to the vet, and he is noisily wobbling around the goat shelter, harassing his mother. Bose, the other kid, has started to suckle. Bose got his name because he comes in black and white and is bloody loud!
Sue is quite taken with Cocoa, whom I wanted to name Capretto, and she is insisting that he is a keeper. She carried him in her arms all the way back from the vet, snuggled up against her grandmotherly boobs.

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